Hero gear cycle with disk brake price

Hero Cycles is one of the oldest and well-known brands in India. In this review will focus on the Top 5 Hero Gear Cycles with Disk Brake in India. We will focus on the criteria of quality, price, the most characteristic of each bike type.
The price will depend on the model and size of the bike. On the market today there are many price ranges that you can freely choose.
If the bike has 21 Speed ​​Shimano gears, lightweight, chassis made of Aluminum Alloy, its price will be below 15000 rps. However, if you want to find cheaper type of about 7000 rps to 10000 rps then you can choose Hero Sprint Next model.

Top 5 Gear Cycle with Disc Brake

1. Hero RX2 Sprint

Dare to choose different with this bicycle endorsed by the Bollywood superstar Arjun Kapoor. This fanstatic cycle is an amazing combination of durability, functionality and style, just like Arjun Kapoor. This limited edition bike is elegantly designed & comes fully loaded with great features.

The cycle is a very light weight multispeed cycle..made for smooth riding. Net weight with wheels is 21.400 kgs.  It has 21 Speed Shimano gears (7×3) – 7 back gear and 3 front gears. This cycle has thump shifter on both sides.

It ‘s made for adults – basically for men but also perfect for 11 years boy. We can adjust easily height of seat and handle without cutting. Please do note that the cycle can carry weight up to 103 kgs.

This model is normal tire with tube comes with the above model. You can add tubeless tires with an additional cost of Rs 800 per tire.


Bike-Type Mountain Bikes
Brake-Type disc
Brand Hero
Color Black Orange
Frame-Material Steel
Frame-Size 17.5 Inches
Size 26
Speed-Rating 21 Speed
Suspension dual
Wheel-Size 26 Inches

This model has three colors on Amazon as black blue, black red and black orange.  Please check Live Price of RX2 Sprint in India. CHECK ON AMAZON

However, if you are looking for a better built-bicycle, I recommend you go to the next product below.

2. Hero Octane Endeavor (Sprint Pro)

Hero Octane 26T Endeavor is an awesome hard tail bike featuring 18” alloy frame of hydroformed tubes with a suspension fork. This cycle is ideal for cyclist with height between 5 Feet 4 inches to 6 Feet 4 inches. It has disc brakes in the front and comes with a stand.

This cycle is suitable for beginners looking for an entry-level MTB which has an Alloy Frame at a reasonable price point. This MTB from Hero comes with only front suspension which is enough to handle most minor potholes. This model has safe combination of the front wheel of the bicycle with a disc brake but the rear wheel with V-brakes.

This cycle has intelligent color combination of yellow and blue, it symbolizes confidence and energy. I like bright colors that stand out. It makes easier for find if stolen. Do you think so? It looks like funny but you cannot ignore this feature.

Bike-Type All-Mountain
Brake-Type disc
Brand Hero
Color Blue
Frame-Size 18 Inches
Speed-Rating 21 Speed
Suspension hardtail
Wheel-Size 26 Inches

If you do not have enough time to read to end of this article then you can choose the product now because it is really durable and can ride on any terrain. Please check Live Price of Hero Octane Endeavor in India. CHECK ON AMAZON

3. Hero Octane DTB Plus

Hero Octane DTB Plus 26T 21 Speed Cycle With Disc Brakes is suitable for  a adult – 13 & above. This MTB is meant for cyclists with intermediate level of expertise. It comes with V Brake With Disc Brake on the front and V Brake on the rear. The cycle comes equipped with a EZ fire plus shifter Shimano gear. The cycle is made of a composition of front alloy and rear steel. The top speed of this cycle is 40-45km which depends on your pedaling speed.


Color Black & Red
Frame-Material Steel
Frame-Size 19
Handle-type 640mm x 30mm rise
Material Composition Alloy dual suspension
Number-of-Speeds 21
Size 19 Inches
Speed-Rating 21 Speed
Item weight 19.2 kg
Wheel-Size 26 Inches

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4. Hero Octane Dude

Length of this cycle is 18 inch frame size and 26 inch tire size, so it’s appropriate for riders height from 5.4 to 6.4 feet. It has front suspension, front disc brake, 21 gears & has aluminum alloy body. You can now apply the powerful front – Disc Brakes and Rear – V Brakes to navigate safely through a crowded street. This cycle has plastic with reflectors so your feet won’t slip off while riding. It also has rear reflectors for visibility.

This cycle has good look and is suitable for mountain biking. If you are professional cycle stunt man, you have the ability to control speed and risk while driving but if you are beginner, stunts may not be possible. This particular model isn’t suitable for wheelies and jumps. The best buy for stunts would be BMX.


Total Bike Weight (Kg) 16.8
Bike Type Hardtail
Level of Expertise Intermediate
Frame Type/Size Alloy/18 inch
Speed 21
Shifters EZ Fire Plus Shifter Shimano
Front Suspension 26 inch Suspension Fork, Stroke -50
Handle-type 640mm x 30mm rise
Suspension dual
Wheel-Size 26 Inches
Saddle PU Black
BB Set Cartridge BB Set 127L

If you are considering between dude and eagle cycles, dude is more better according to price.

Please check Live Price of Hero Octane Dude in India. CHECK ON AMAZON

5. Hero Sprint Next

Hero Next 24T is the good bicycle for bike lovers. It is an elegantly crafted mountain bicycle for men – basically a good recommendation for children and early teenagers. If you are older, you should choose 26T better. This bike has a sturdy and Steel Frame Suspension frame that weighs only 4.5 Kg. It also has a Suspension fork that ensures riding comfort on a bumpy road. This cycle comes with a 610 mm handlebar that’s 41 mm high so it goes easy on your child’s arms and wrists.

This bike has a 42T Crankset and a Cottered BB set. This configuration ensures smooth chain crossovers and minimises your efforts at pedalling.

It’s one of the quality cycles with cheap price which is very smooth and comfortable to ride.  The cycle colour looks better than what is shown. For a cycle under Rs. 10000, this model has a lot of worth features.


Bike-Type Mountain Bike
Brake-Type direct_pull
Color Green Black
Frame-Material Steel
Frame-Size 17 Inches
Material-Type Carbon-Steel
Season Year-Round
Size 24
Skill-Level Intermediate
Features Plastic Flying Type Sports Mudguard material
Speed-Rating 18 Speed
Sport cycling
Suspension dual
Wheel-Size 24 Inches

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I hope this review will help you find a good bike, hobby, fashion and useful.

For more information how to choose suitable gear size, you can refer here.

For kids:

Wheel size (in inches) 12″ 14″ 16″ 20″ 24″ 26″ +
Age group (in years) 2 1/2 – 4yrs 3 – 5 yrs 5 – 7 yrs 7 – 9 yrs 9 – 11 yrs 11 + (these are classed as adult cycles)


For Adult:

Inseam Height (inches) Road Bike Frame Size (inches) Moutain Bike Frame Size (inches)
<27″ <16″ <14″
27″ – 29″ 16″ – 18″ 14″ – 16″
29″ – 31″ 18″ – 20″ 16″ – 18″
31″ – 33″ 20″ – 22″ 18″ – 20″
33″ – 35″ 22″ – 24″ 20″ – 22″
>35″ >24″ >22″

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