Hero Gear Cycles Below 5000 | Hero Gear Cycles under 5000

In this review, I will list the best cycles under 5000 in India. For this price it covers 2 ages: adults and kids. Reviews will be divided into sections so that you can follow the most convenient way.
 Adult Bicycle:
If you are an adult looking for a bike in this price range then I suggest you choose a single gear bike. Because with a budget you can not choose a better bike, which is more responsive and lighter. However, the single-liter Urban Urban bike is a good choice considering that it is the most popular car in India.
Kids Bicycle:
If you are looking for a gift for your kids then Mad Maxx is the top choice for under 5000 rps. This product line is suitable for many ages.

Best Bicycles Under 5000 for Adults:

1. Hero Urban 26T
2. Hero Sprint 26T Winner 18 Speed ​​Adult Cycle – Black & Green (18 “Frame)
3. Hero Ranger 18 Speed ​​DTB Vx 26T Mountain Bike – Black and Green
4. Hero Sprint Next 24T 18 Speed ​​Mountain Cycle (Green / Black)

Best Bicycles Under 5000 for Kids:

1. Hero Fashion 24T Single Speed ​​Cycle
2. Mad Maxx Shocker 20T Steel Single Speed ​​Kids’ Road Cycle 20 Inches For 7 To 10 Years Kids (Neon Green)
3.Mad Maxx 16T Shocker Steel Single Speed ​​Kids’ Road Cycle, 16 Inches (Green) For 5 to 7 years child
4. Outdoor Bikes Jaunty BMX

Hope review will help you choose the right gift for you. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.